Shooting a Hero

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Shooting a Hero was a video related to the video Believe advertising campaign for Halo 3. It is a overview of Jake Coruages work for a exhibition, narrated by his son John Courage.


Shooting a Hero
An exhibition of photographs by Jake Courage

John Courage: This exhibition is in honor of my father, Jake Courage. He was a groundbreaking war photographer. Who found himself documenting the greatest battle to ever take place on earth. His unlimited access to the UNSC regiment. Resulted in a series of photographs that are unrivaled in our worlds history. He witness firsthand the greatest hero of all time; Master Chief. And all he did to save humanity from the brink of extinction. Through his documentation, my father has enabled the world to be privy to these heroic acts.

Cuts to a portrait of John-117.

John Courage: This photo is arguably the most famous and thought provoking portrait of all time. The last known shot of Master Chief. We know that at the time this was taken he was completely surrounded by covenant forces, and that he was holding the grenade that enabled human existence today. This is also the last photograph my father ever took. I think he always knew he'd die in battle. He placed the importance of getting these incredible shots far ahead of his own safety. War photographers are meant to be protected by the international convention of armed warfare, but this war didn't have any rules. Humanity shouldn't have won this battle. The odds were stacked against us. If it hadn't been for Master chief earth would of been a different place.

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A making of trailer exists for the gallery included in this.[1]