Field Trip To Harvest

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Field Trip To Harvest is a cinematic trailer for Halo Wars. It was released on October 4, 2008.[1] It encompasses the cutscenes Intro from Alpha Base and the opening of Labcoats Meet Metal from Relic Approach.


The UNSC Spirit of Fire enters the Epsilon Indi system, where dropships are released and begin to fly to Harvest. Captain Cutter, on the Spirit of Fire's bridge, tells the AI Serina to prepare the ship's defenses, and make contact with Sergeant Forge, who is on the planet. Forge has observed Covenant activity near the planet's polar regions, and there is a structure that they have uncovered. A woman named Anders briefs the Captain, and prepares to drop to the planet.

Meanwhile, Forge takes to the cliffs surrounding the artifact, and sees an Elite conversing with another. The Elite is revealed to be an Arbiter speaking with a Field Master, who is reluctant to open the structure's door. The Arbiter replies angrily that he cares not for the Field Master's life, and to open the relic. The door is opened, but the Arbiter thinks he has seen something. He looks up to Forge's position, to find it vacant, and starts walking toward the structure.


UNSC Spirit of Fire enters the Epsilon Indi system, Pelicans and Herons are launched from the ship to Harvest.

  • Captain Cutter: "Serina, status?"
  • Serina: "Standard orbit achieved, all systems normal."
  • Cutter: "Prep for pod launches, bring weapon systems online."
  • Serina: "Expecting trouble, Captain?"
  • Cutter: "Harvest may be ours again, but I don't think the Covenant appreciate that yet."

Ellen Anders enters the room.

  • Cutter: "Sergeant Forge, report!"
  • Sergeant Forge (transmission): "Definitely plenty of bad guys here Captain, and they've found something in the ice!"
  • Cutter: "Damn it, that complicates our mission."

Cutter looks to Anders.

  • Cutter: "Anders, what have you got?"
  • Professor Anders: "Captain, scans of the northern polar region show some interesting Covenant activity on the surface. There's some kind of structure down there."
  • Serina: "What do you think they're looking for?"
  • Cutter: "That's what we're here to find out. We're to bring Alpha Base to operational status and take control of that site."
  • Anders: "I'll get my equipment ready Captain."
  • Forge (transmission): "Lady, there's NO way you're coming down here on the first bird!"

Anders makes a sarcastic smile, rolls her eyes, and leaves the room.

  • Cutter: "Sergeant Forge, pull back to Alpha Base. I'm sending you some backup."
  • Forge (transmission): "Roger that, Forge out."
  • Serina: "So, nothing too difficult then?"
  • Cutter: *Sigh* "This might be the key to the whole war Serina, it's worth the risk."

Scene cuts to Harvest. Forge creeps through the ice, taking his binoculars out to spy on the enemy.

  • Forge: "Let's just take one last look-see."

He keeps his eye on an Arbiter. Scene cuts to the Arbiter, a Field Master walks to him.

Ripa 'Moramee forms a fist with his hand. Re'gish Wamik walks away. Forge changes his focus to that of a door. The door is opened by Grunts.

  • Forge: "Well, well... Open sesame."

Ripa 'Moramee suspects movement along the mountains. He looks up but sees nothing special, as Forge is already gone. He then moves towards the structure.