Halo: Nightfall In Cinema First Look

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Halo: Nightfall In Cinema First Look is a trailer for Halo: Nightfall. It debuted for the first time October 20, 2014 on the official Xbox YouTube channel.


  • Randall Aiken: “You give your life away so others will live and take life where only god can give it.”
  • Frank O'Connor: Halo : Nightfall is an action drama, it’s a story about heroes and the good and bad side of heroism.
  • David Zucker: This film represents an origin story of sorts, not only introducing the character but it goes through some profound transitions over the course of our story.
  • Jameson Locke: “We will not go out like this.”'
  • Mike Colter: Locke, first and foremost is a leader, he’s a guy who can take on his feet, who’s always one step ahead of the adversary.
  • Zucker: When we first encounter Locke, he’s a leader of ONI which is a CIA KGB type of organization.
  • Colter: We’re pretty much as an elite forces you can find.
  • Christina Chong': They kind of think that better than everyone else.
  • Locke: “Only we’re better alone.”
  • Colter: I am expected to lead this group and point them in the right direction and to get the task done.
  • Frankie': It starts on one planet which is quite bucolic and friendly and ends up on another location that’s infinitely more hostile.
  • Locke: “Ready to go to hell colonel ?”'
  • Zucker: They are undertaking what seems to be a fairly routine investigative operation and they quickly come to discover that there’s something far more alarming and far more dangerous.
  • Chong: They’ve all got to make these massive life-changing decisions and put their lives on the line, so it’s quite emotionally intense.
  • Alistair Estrin: “Fall back!”

Shooting sounds and screamings

  • Frankie: Mike Colter who plays Lock has an especially entrenched role in the Halo universe, because he’s going to be a character that appears in Halo 5 : Guardians but his journey and his transformation really start here.
  • Zucker: That digs into the kind of soldier he is when we first encountered him and the kind of soldier that he ultimately evolved into being… It also allows us to explore the Halo environment in a much more sort of primal way in the sense that these characters are literally coming to live.
  • Frankie: That’s been a thrill for us because we’ve been carefully working on this character art as a bridge between the game and the motion picture world effectively.
  • Randall Aiken: “My question to you commander Locke : how will you lead and for what ?”

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