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European Union[1]

Governed by:

European Union, Unified Earth Government


London is an Earth city, and a part of the European Union.[1] It was considered a major city on the planet.[2]


Pre-Covenant war[edit]

At some point prior to 2170, the Palace of Westminster was badly damaged in an act of domestic terrorism.[3] The United Kingdom ceased to exist[3] as a governing entity shortly thereafter (though the term still continued to be used for areas of its former governance).[4] Pieces of the Houses of Parliament, as the palace was also known, were gathered and some were restored. The symbolic action of such a restoration was vital to the creation of the UEG, and was also seen by some as a cynical attempt to play on the twin vices of nostalgia and patriotism.[3]

In the late twenty-fifth century, restored pieces of the original building were fashioned used to create a cavernous space where trials were held.[3]

Post-Covenant war[edit]

In January of 2558, a trial for the smart AI known as Iona was held in a simulated environment modeled after this space.[3]

London was one of the locations that Jake Courage's collection of photography from the Second Battle of Mombasa, titled 'Shooting a Hero', was displayed.[4]


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