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London in the 26th century.
The London skyline during the Battle for Earth.


Britain, European Union[1]

Governed by:

European Union, Unified Earth Government


London is a city located in Britain.[1] It was considered a major city on Earth.[2]




Known residents[edit]


Pre-Covenant war[edit]

At some point prior to 2170, the Palace of Westminster was badly damaged in an act of domestic terrorism.[5] The United Kingdom ceased to exist[5] as a governing entity shortly thereafter (though the term still continued to be used for areas of its former governance).[6] Pieces of the Houses of Parliament, as the palace was also known, were gathered and some were restored. The symbolic action of such a restoration was vital to the creation of the UEG, and was also seen by some as a cynical attempt to play on the twin vices of nostalgia and patriotism.[5]

In the late twenty-fifth century, restored pieces of the original building were fashioned used to create a cavernous space where trials were held.[5]

By the twenty-sixth century, London's skyline had come to be dominated by monolithic arcology-like megastructures. Though the Elizabeth Tower and the headquarters for Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs remained standing.[7][3]

Jiralhanae in London.
Covenant Jiralhanae on a London street.

Human-Covenant war[edit]

During the Battle for Earth in the final stages of the Human-Covenant War in late 2552[8], the Covenant attacked the city with Mikpramu-pattern Phantoms, Is'belox-pattern Banshees, and Jiralhanae patrolling several areas. While UNSC M808 Scorpions were deployed, they were soon left abandoned. Sometime after this, multiple Spartans were deployed into London via drop pods. A team of them successfully rescued a civilian from a group of Jiralhanae, with one of the Spartans being injured in the process.[3]

Post-Covenant war[edit]

In January of 2558, a trial for the smart AI known as Iona was held in a simulated environment modeled after this space.[5] Later that year on October 28, Cortana and her Created sent two Guardians to enforce martial law on Earth,[9][10] subjugating London in the process. London and the rest of Earth would remain under Cortana's control during the Created conflict.

London was one of the locations that Jake Courage's collection of photography from the Second Battle of Mombasa, titled 'Shooting a Hero', was displayed.[6]


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