Operation: POLECAT

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Operation: POLECAT


Post-Covenant War conflicts[1]


Unknown, remote Covenant world


UNSC-Sangheili victory

  • Sharquoi hive nuked and glassed



1 Sharquoi


50 ODSTs

All Sharquoi in the hive


Operation: POLECAT was an operation of the United Nations Space Command following the Human-Covenant War.


The Office of Naval Intelligence used Sangheili contacts and the trusted Sangheili crew of an ex-Covenant destroyer to hunt down a remote world where the San'Shyuum had allegedly kept a Sharquoi hive.[1]


Around one hundred of the UNSC's Orbital Drop Shock Troopers were deployed to the world that had been discovered. ONI personnel accompanied them. A handful of Sharquoi were found to be held in stasis. One was accidentally released while ONI was attempting to access terminal data at the site, and this one creature killed fifty of the ODSTs. Later, the location of the hive was nuked from orbit and glassed by the Sangheili, as ONI wanted to eliminate any chance of another one ever getting loose.


In early September of 2558, Melody Azikiwe and Greg van Eekhout showed Gray Team footage from one of the ODSTs' helmet cams recorded during the operation. At that point, it had been the only time humans had ever seen Sharquoi. Due to the threat of the Jiralhanae Chieftain Hekabe unleashing hundreds of thousands more of the creatures on the planet Carrow, Melody showed them the footage so that they would understand the danger the Sharquoi posed and why they had to stop Hekabe and his plans.[1]

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