Greg van Eekhout

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Greg van Eekhout
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September 2558

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Bisected by Energy sword

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Greg van Eekhout was a commander in the Office of Naval Intelligence who was deployed to Carrow in order to monitor the city of Suraka.[1]


Pre-Carrow Conflict[edit]

Sometime after the residents of Suraka returned to their city in 2553, van Eekhout was stationed at Gila Station in order to keep tabs on the Sharquoi hive beneath the city.[2] During this time, he bribed a resupply coordinator in order to receive a supply of vodka.[1]

Carrow Conflict[edit]

At the onset of the Carrow Conflict, van Eekhout closely monitored the Sangheili and Jiralhanae fleets in orbit as well as the Voice of Maardoth presence in Suraka. Later, he received Gray Team and a wounded Melody Azikiwe at Gila Station. He admitted Melody into a surgical suite to patch her up and then tried to engage Adriana-111 and Michael-120 about the SPARTAN-II program over drinks. After Melody's surgery was finished, van Eekhout informed her that her staff of Adam Hsein, Jens Forsburg, and Victoria Weaver never arrived at the station and were presumed dead. They then discussed the tactical situation ad their ability to deploy Gray Team. After a tense discussion with Gray Team and some revelations regarding Operation: SUNSPEAR, van Eekhout briefed the Spartans on the Sharquoi threat.[1][2] Gila Station was subsequently breached by Sangheili commanded by Thars 'Sarov. Van Eekhout equipped Gray Team with a BR55 battle rifle and a Warthog and ordered them to head towards Suraka while he and Melody remained behind.[3] He was then beaten by Thars while Melody was questioned about Rojka 'Kasaan and Gray Team. When Melody refused to provide information, Thars used his energy sword to cut van Eekhout in half, head to toe.[4]

Personality and traits[edit]

Van Eekhout was described as a thin man with jet black hair.[1] He initially displayed a welcoming and friendly personality that gave way to a cold and calm demeanor that would be expected from an ONI agent. It is unclear which personality is genuine and which is a facade.[4]

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