Gila Station

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Gila Station
Facility information


Karfu Mountains, Uldt Desert, Carrow[1]


Office of Naval Intelligence Forward Operating Base[1]


BR55 battle rifle[2]


1x Warthog[2]

Historical information


Post-Human-Covenant War

In use:

2552: Carrow Conflict


September, 2558[3]

Controlled by:

Office of Naval Intelligence

Known commander(s):

Greg van Eekhout[1]


Gila Station was a hidden Office of Naval Intelligence Forward Operating Base in the Karfu Mountains on the planet of Carrow.[4]


Gila Station was camouflaged into the side of a mesa in the northern Karfu Mountains in the Uldt Desert. It was situated among a system of valleys and boulder fields. The entrance to the facility was a trapdoor hidden near a large boulder that required powerful motors to open. The area surrounding the trapdoor served as the facility's landing pad, mainly used by resupply transports. The entrance led into a room that was approximately the size of a Warthog garage which contained a staircase that led twenty meters below the top of the mesa to the rest of the station. It contained a medbay with an Automated surgery suite. It also contained multiple corridors and hallways as well as a galley, a briefing room, and a ready room with a conference table and holographic projector.[5] There was also a shielded hatch in the facility that led to a ladder that ran one hundred meters down the cliffside to a hidden Warthog.[2]

Gila Station's armament consisted of a single BR55 battle rifle and a Warthog with a M41 Vulcan chaingun.[2] It also contained a complement of sensors that allowed the station's ONI agent to monitor the conditions inside of the facility, the Uldt Desert and elsewhere on the planet, and the naval combat between Sangheili and Jiralhanae fleets in orbit.[2][1] It also boasted an emergency beacon that would alert the United Nations Space Command that something was going awry on the planet.[1] Finally, the station was also programmed to self-destruct if the ONI agent designated to be the facility's caretaker could not be confirmed to be alive by the station's sensors.[3]


Pre-Carrow Conflict[edit]

In the wake of the Human-Covenant War and more specifically Operation: POLECAT, Gila Station was built on Carrow in order to monitor the Sharquoi hive that was located underneath the Human city of Suraka. Commander Greg van Eekhout was the only ONI agent assigned to this facility.[5][1]

Carrow Conflict[edit]

From the onset of the Carrow Conflict, van Eekhout closely monitored the naval skirmishes in orbit and the Voice of Maardoth invasion of Suraka. Realizing that the Jiralhanae were close to entering the Sharquoi Hive, he activated the station's emergency beacon in order to summon a UNSC response force. He then received Gray Team and a wounded Melody Azikiwe at the station. He admitted Melody to the medical suite before having a drink with Adriana-111, asking her and later Michael-120 questions regarding the SPARTAN-II program. After Melody awoke, the group discussed Operation: SUNSPEAR, the Sharquoi, and the threat posed by the Jiralhanae Chieftain Hekabe.[1][5] Gila Station was then breached and entered by Rojka 'Kasaan and his strike force. Gray Team fled the facility while Rojka's forces remained hidden, hoping to learn their location from Melody. Thars 'Sarov and his forces then entered the facility, locating the remaining two humans.[2] After interrogating them on the whereabouts of Rojka and Gray Team and learning nothing, Thars killed van Eekhout and wounded Melody before Rojka intervened. Hearing her allude to the Sharquoi and wanting to learn more information, he and his forces fled the facility with Melody in tow. Thars left the facility soon after in pursuit. After not being able to locate van Eekhout's vitals and confirm he was still alive, Gila Station enabled its self-destruct protocol, destroying it and much of the mesa it was situated on.[3]


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