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An automated surgery suite, also called an automated surgical suite[1], is a Covenant robotic medical unit found onboard their warships.


Rapid Conversion had an automated surgery suite, which on February 11 2525, Maccabeus used to treat Licinus after a bullet penetrated one of his lungs.[2] Later, Maccabeus himself would need to spend a full "sleep-cycle" in the suite to heal the wounds inflicted on him by Staff Sergeants Avery Johnson and Nolan Byrne on Harvest.[3] He, however, never got the time to do so, because his nephew Tartarus challenged him for his position as leader of the pack. Tartarus won and killed Maccabeus, who had a disadvantage because of his wounds.[4]

During Operation: FAR STORM in 2555, the suite on the Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette Mayhem was used to treat the injuries of the humans on board during the mission. At one point, while treating Captain Annabelle Richards' injuries, a Sangheili explains that as most Sangheili choose to avoid the med bay, the presence of the suite on Covenant ships and later on the vessels of their remnants is for the benefit of the other races traveling aboard their vessels.[5]

In September 2558, Commander Greg van Eekhout of ONI revealed that Gila Station on Carrow possessed an automated surgical suite that he stated was basically a Covenant design from a Covenant corvette that ONI had gutted, installed on the station and reprogrammed to better handle humans. Van Eekhout used the suite to successfully treat Melody Azikiwe's serious injuries from the Carrow Conflict. In this case, the suite was shown not to require much outside input with Van Eekhout, who had no medical training and stating that it would be a bad idea for him to operate on anyone, only having to activate it to get it to work on Melody. Jai-006 was disturbed to see it, stating that Gray Team had seen the originals before on Covenant ships.[1]

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