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Voice of Maardoth
Hekabe in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition).
Hekabe, Chieftain of the Voice of Maardoth prior to his death in September 2558
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Jiralhanae clan


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Outlands, Doisac[1]


The Voice of Maardoth were a clan of Jiralhanae based on Doisac prior to its destruction.[2][1]


Human-Covenant War[edit]

The Maardoth clan were based in the outlands of Doisac, and for most of their existence were considered a relatively small and weak clan. At this time, they were ruled by the Chieftain Remarus, who was said to have led the pack into near-ruin.[3] During the Battle of Installation 00, the Maardoth clan were selected to join Truth's fleet at the Ark, commanding at least one cruiser during the battle. While Truth's attempt to activate the Halo Array would end in failure, the Maardoth did find some success thanks to an unauthorised excursion led by Hekabe into the bowels of the Forerunner megastructure, managing to recover the artefact referred to as the vertex. The arrival of High Charity and its Flood payload later in the campaign saw the death of many Maardoth Jiralhanae, though the clan was able to make it back through the portal to return to the Milky Way - instead of being stranded on the Ark like many other Dhas Bhasvod's Covenant.[4][2][1]


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With the Covenant defeated and the clan's fleet nearly lost, the Maardoth would return to Doisac to resort to the piracy and inter-clan warfare that had characterised the world's surface since the First Immolation. During this era they often raided old Sangheili colonies, though did not accrue much power. This changed with the assassination of Remarus at the hands of Hekabe - allowing Hekabe to ascend to the title of Chieftain and lead the clan henceforth into an imposing military force. Hekabe believed the key to Maardoth success lay not in simply raiding Sangheili colonies, but on the human world of Carrow. At the behest of many of his soldiers and Captains, Hekabe allied the Maardoth with the Sangheili Thars 'Sarov to gain victory on Carrow - with the intent of using the vertex to reactivate the planet's hidden vaults of Sharquoi left by the Forerunners to gain an advantage in his ambitions.

Unlike many other clans on Doisac, the Voice of Maardoth did not consider submitting to the larger competing master-packs like the Children of Oth Sonin, or allying themselves with the growing Banished mercenary force led by Atriox. Rather, the Voice of Maardoth and the latter were often at odds with one another - with Hekabe's own gravity hammer - the Oath of Fury - stolen from the Banished with Hekabe's killing of Banished Chieftain Odanostos.[5] As the Sharquoi were unleashed on Carrow, the warrior Anexus considered the option of allying with the Banished to use their vast fleet to transport the Sharquoi offworld, though the proposal was dismissed by Hekabe - who saw the Voice of Maardoth as not requiring the assistance of any outside forces.[6]

Once Hekabe betrayed Thars 'Sarvov during the Carrow Conflict, ordering an attack on his ships as planned, he used the vertex to control the Sharquoi. A combined human and Sangheili force, confronted Hekabe to halt his plans.[2][1] Using an EMP cannon, modified from an M68 Gauss cannon, the joint-force shot Hekabe, temporarily disabling is ability to control the creatures. Governor Ellis Gass took the vertex from the stunned Hekabe and used it to have the Sharquoi kill him. The Voice of Maardoth fleet was completely destroyed in the battle.[7]

Military forces[edit]

At the time of the Battle of Carrow in 2558, the Voice of Maardoth possessed a large number of warriors and materiel. These included a small fleet consisting of two Varric-pattern heavy cruisers including the Foebane and two Sinaris-pattern heavy destroyers, Hammerstrike and Fighter's Blood. Their groundfleet consisted largely of Jiralhanae vehicles including Qavardu Workshop Prowlers, Qavardu Workshop Gravemakers and Eklon'Dal Workshop Marauders.

Maardoth infantry employed power armor leftover from their service in the Covenant, often adorned with upgrades and trophies from their conquests on Doisac.[3]


The following were members of the Voice of Maardoth:

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