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September 2558[1]

Cause of death:

Crushed by Sharquoi[1]

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Political and military information


Voice of Maardoth[2]




Anexus was a horde-captain in the Voice of Maardoth under the Jiralhanae Chieftain Hekabe. He participated in the invasion of Suraka during the Carrow Conflict[2]


Anexus was a part of the Voice of Maardoth force that assaulted Suraka during the onset of the Carrow Conflict. After touching down in the city, he tentatively joined Hekabe and Kritus in an assault on advancing Surakan Militia Volunteers forces, an attack that ended with the death of Jeff Gass.[2] He later accompanied Hekabe into the crater that was excavated by the Foebane's glassing beam to the base of a Forerunner facility and saw him reveal the vertex.[3] Anexus then followed Hekabe into the facility along with most of the Jiralhanae force, witnessing Hekabe putting on the vertex and assuming control over a large force of Sharquoi.[4][5][6]

Back on the surface, Anexus questioned Hekabe over his plan to transport the Sharquoi off-world. In response to his questioning and previous acts of cowardice, Hekabe had Anexus's arms ripped off by two Sharquoi and then had one pick up the captain and crush him in its hands.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Anexus was more cautious than most Jiralhanae, as he worried over attack strategies and often argued for taking the safest approach to a situation. These qualities often put him at odds with Hekabe, who viewed these qualities as weakness and cowardice.[2]

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