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Varric-pattern heavy cruiser



3,000 meters (9,843 feet)[1]


1,451 meters (4,760 feet)[1]


Repulsor engines

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Nanolaminate hull plating



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Voice of Maardoth


Foebane was an Varric-pattern heavy cruiser that was controlled by the Voice of Maardoth during the Carrow Conflict.[3]


Human-Covenant War[edit]

Great Schism[edit]

After the Jiralhanae took power during the Great Schism, the Jiralhanae Chieftain Hekabe took control of the Foebane, which was called the Gathering of Praise at the time.[4]

Battle of Installation 00[edit]

Foebane was present during the Battle of Installation 00, where it broke off from the main Voice of Maardoth force in order to follow the Prophet of Truth to the Installation 00 Citadel in preparation for the firing of the Halo Array. As such they were not present when Sangheili forces attacked and destroyed the clan's forces, effectively wiping out Hekabe's bloodline.[4] Foebane then fled the Ark after Hekabe took his remaining forces into the depths of the installation and recovered the Vertex.[3]

Carrow Conflict[edit]

After six years of translating the Forerunner script on the vertex, Hekabe learned of the location of a Sharquoi hive on the planet of Carrow. In order to get to get a foothold on the planet, Hekabe pledged his fleet to assist Thars 'Sarov in an uprising against Kaidon Rojka 'Kasaan and the humans on the planet. The Carrow Conflict was initially going in Rojka's favor, but the arrival of Foebane and other Jiralhanae ship turned the tide in Thars's favor. After defeating most of Rojka's ships, Hekabe began landing on the surface of Carrow. One of Rojka's remaining frigates, Vengeful Deed, attempted to take Foebane by surprise but was destroyed by the other Jiralhanae ships. Foebane began landing troops in Suraka to secure the city.[3]

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For the majority of the battle, Foebane hovered over Suraka, using its ventral energy projector to dig a crater leading to the Sharquoi hive beneath the city. When the Surakan Militia Volunteers counterattacked, they targeted the cruiser with their largest non-nuclear weapon dropped from a Pelican dropship, Grizzly tanks on the ground and eight merchant ships armed with point-defense guns. While none of the attacks penetrated Foebane's shields, they were a distraction as four more merchant ships in orbit shoved three half-mined asteroids at the cruiser while it was distracted.[3]

The plan worked: Foebane was left too distracted with the Suarkan ships to react to the asteroids until it was too late, with the rocks striking in quick succession. The first asteroid failed to penetrate the shields, but released megatons of kinetic energy against it, causing the shields, already under strain from the incessant barrage against it, to flicker. The second asteroid penetrated the cruiser's shields and exploded against the hull in a brilliantly white fireball. When the third asteroid struck, Foebane appeared to fold in midair, gushing blue and white flames and canted over as it dipped out towards the far edge of the crater it had dug. The merchant ships descended and continued firing upon Foebane which finally crumpled to the ground outside the city between Suarka and the rocky hills that led to the Uldt Desert. Foebane was left burning where it fell, effectively destroyed.[3]

On their way into the city, the destroyed cruiser was spotted by both Gray Team and Rojka who were impressed that the Suarkans had managed to take it down on their own.[3]

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