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Jeff Gass
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c. 2543[1]



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Surakan Militia Volunteers


Jeff Gass was Governor Ellis Gass' son and a member of the Surakan Militia Volunteers.


Never forgetting his family's time in a refugee camp, Jeff felt conflict with the Sangheili on Carrow was inevitable so he joined the Surakan Militia Volunteers. Jeff joined under his father's name to protect his mother from her enemies that were opposed to her stance of peace with the Sangheili.[2] During the Carrow Conflict, Jeff's unit attacked the Jiralhanae perimeter. The Jiralhanae chieftain, Hekabe, personally led the counter-attack, wiping out Jeff's unit quickly. Jeff was one of the only survivors of the initial attack, as he reached for his rifle Hekabe noticed him and kicked it away. Hekabe then picked Jeff up by his throat, admiring Jeff's refusal to surrender, Hekabe told Jeff of how his pack's children were killed by human and Sangheili ships during the Great Schism. Jeff tried to tell Hekabe who he was, but neither understood the other, until one of Hekabe's Jiralhanae translated for him. Jeff continued to struggle, spitting in Hekabe's face and trying to dig his hands in Hekabe's arm. Hekabe increased his hold on Jeff's neck until it audibly snapped, Hekabe then tossed Jeff's body aside and ordered his troops back to work.[3]

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