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September 2558[1]

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Voice of Maardoth[2]




"They do build puny things, Chieftain!"

Vikus was a horde-captain in the Voice of Maardoth under Hekabe. He participated in the attack on Suraka during the Carrow Conflict.[2]


Prior to Carrow Conflict[edit]

As Remarus, Chieftain of the Voice of Maardoth, grew older and the clan's position on Doisac became more precarious, Vikus seemed poised to assassinate the chieftain and assume control over the clan. However, he was beaten out by Hekabe and became one of his horde-captains.[2]

In the months prior to the invasion of Suraka, Vikus expressed doubt over Hekabe's decisions on multiple occasions.[2]

Carrow Conflict[edit]

After touching down on Suraka, Vikus remarked about how quickly the Surakan infrastructure and the Surakan Militia Volunteers were crumbling before their assault. He also indicated that he and others were worried about human resistance, a point that led him to be reprimanded by Hekabe.[2]

Vikus was killed sometime during the Carrow Conflict, presumably by Surakan Militia Volunteers forces or Sharquoi controlled by Ellis Gass.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Vikus wanted the chieftainship of the Voice of Maardoth, but he kept this to himself in order to not get killed by Hekabe.[2]

He was described to have completely shaved his head save for two strips of hair on the top of his head.[2]

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