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The view from a recorder.

Helmet recorders, also referred to as helmet cameras or helmet cams,[1] are standard field issue equipment for UNSC ground forces. They are used to record an individual combatant's point of view during operations for future evaluation and intelligence on the enemy. Because data on the Covenant is scarce, the helmet recorder is an invaluable tactical resource to the ONI and the UNSC forces, who often retrieve this data and then debrief the wearer about the audio and video data they recorded. They store their information in the processed recorder chips.[2]

The recorder is equipped with a night vision function, though picture quality is said to be poor.[3] Curiously, it appears that these cameras stop recording when the user is incapacitated, such as when PFC Wallace Jenkins was attacked by the Flood. It may be that the impact simply caused an equipment malfunction.

The Spartan-IIs and Spartan-IIIs routinely utilized recorders to document engagements during their missions. Prior to 2547, ONI's Section Two had kept many of their early recordings classified with top secret encryptions in an attempt to keep the general public unaware of the existence of the Covenant and the Spartan Program.

Covenant Ossoonas are equipped with similar helmet-mounted recording units.[4]



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