Subjugation of Sanghelios

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Subjugation of Sanghelios
Pre-production concept art of a Guardian Custode on Sanghelios, made canon on page 195 of the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition).


Post-Covenant War conflicts


c. October 28, 2558[1][2][3]-c. Early 2560[4]


Sanghelios, Urs system


The Created relinquished their forces[4]

  • Created forces left the Urs system
  • Sanghelios and Suban devolves into unrest.[5][4]
  • Fleet of ships[3]

Likely some ships


The subjugation of Sanghelios was an attempt by the newly-formed alliance of artificial intelligence constructs known as the Created to take and hold on to control of Sanghelios, the homeworld of the Sangheili.[6]


Civil war[edit]

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In the October of 2558, Sanghelios had fallen into global conflict.[7]


Main article: Battle of Genesis

At the same time, Guardian Custodes were gathered to the Forerunner world of Genesis along with both Blue Team and eventually Fireteam Osiris.[8][9] Cortana would then issue an ultimatum to the galaxy and began to send the assembled Guardians out.[2]


Blue Team and Osiris reunite with Halsey, Palmer and the Swords.

First days[edit]

"Took you long enough."
— Halsey to John-117 and Jameson Locke.[3][2]

Following Cortana's ultimatum, a Guardian arrived at Sanghelios. This Guardian proceeded to fire upon the remaining fleet of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant with it's more conventional weaponry. It then fired its attenuation pulse and shut power down to the hemisphere. It was believed by Sarah Palmer that some of the Covenant's fleet survived both initial events, later into the night. Having survived these events and succeeded at Sunaion, the Swords of Sanghelios would return to Nuusra and set-up camp.[3]

As everything was happening on Sanghelios, the UNSC Infinity was further out in the Urs system. The Infinity would jump to Earth, only to be tracked and witness Earth being attacked.[3]

Some time after all of this, Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris returned to the planet from Genesis. They found the planet largely blacked out. They travelled down the coast of Nuusra as before finding the encampment of Swords of Sanghelios. After landing, the two groups stay the night at the camp and celebrate the defeat of the Covenant. Meanwhile, the Guardian had moved on to a different part of Sanghelios.[3]

The next day, UNSC forces would rendezvous with the UNSC Infinity on the farside of Suban before they all would depart. It was believed the Guardian was still at Sanghelios at the time.[3]


The Created would eventually take total control of Sanghelios and the Guardian would eventually leave. By 2559 all keephold forces were disarmed and disbanded, a Created administrator was placed in charge of the world, and Armigers would be the planet's central security force.[10]

Sanghelios' moons[edit]

Suban was considered a low priority for Cortana during these events. As well, the loss of communication and logistics infrastructure dampened coordination between those creating an independence movement on Qikost.[6]


Chaos in the Urs system[edit]

A few months after Cortana's destruction at Zeta Halo, the Created relinquished their forces from the Urs system. The sudden lack of security caused unrest and civil conflics through both Sanghelios and Suban, with Banished forces invading the moon in order to seize its Blamite mines. The Swords of Sanghelios would try to support local keeps on the moon in order to protect high-value mining sites.[5][4]

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