Operation: SHELL GAME

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Operation: SHELL GAME




Threshold Exclusion Zone, Soell system[1]


United Nations Space Command


Fireteam Apollo[1]


Operation: SHELL GAME was an operation of the United Nations Space Command that was initiated in 2556, prior to July 12 of that year. It involved the deployment of the Spartan-IV fireteam, Fireteam Apollo, to the exclusion zone around the debris of Installation 04 near Threshold in violation of the Treaty of 2552.[1] The Office of Naval Intelligence was intimately involved in the operation, as its purpose lay in the search for something of interest to the organization among the debris. Apollo managed to recover the black-box of the crashed Covenant Ket-pattern battlecruiser, Undiminished Entelechy. It yielded audio of words spoken between Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee and the Prophet of Stewardship from the earliest moments of the Battle of Installation 04. In addition to this, the operation resulted in the creation of two War Games maps set onboard the Undiminished Entelechy.[2] On October 31, 2556, General R. Dellert sent part of the conversation between 'Vadamee and the prophet (translated into English) to Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood and also informed him of SHELL GAME. Dellert advised that Hood confront Margaret Parangosky, former CINCONI, about the operation.[1]