Invasion of Earth

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Operation: FAR STORM



Invasion of Earth


Post-Covenant War conflicts


March 2555


Kenya, Africa, Earth


UNSC victory



000 Tragic Solitude


Thousands of Retrievers


10+ ships

Numerous Retriever Sentinels


This attempted invasion of Earth was launched in 2555 by 000 Tragic Solitude, the monitor of Installation 00.


In response to the destruction done to the Ark during the Battle of Installation 00 the installation's monitor, 000 Tragic Solitude, sought to destroy humanity for the role they played.[1]

Around December 2553, when the UNSC Rubicon crew was kidnapped by 343 Guilty Spark, Tragic Solitude enlisted the aid of Bobby Kodiak, a mortally wounded UNSC soldier from one of the RCTs deployed by the ship, in his plan to repair the Ark. Solitude planned to use Kodiak to initiate the activation of the Halo Array in order to get Earth's side of the portal open. This would allow Solitude to dispatch Retriever Sentinels to mine resources he needed to repair his installation, as well as wipe out any humans they encountered.[2]

In March 2555, renowned scientist and historian, Luther Mann along with Henry Lamb discovered a Forerunner timer on Installation 07 that they concluded was counting down to the Halo Array's activation in five weeks.[3]

The battle[edit]

With the portal repaired, Solitude sent thousands of Retrievers to Earth to mine its resources. Hundreds of Retrievers began mining around the portal, the UNSC ships in the area immediately engaged the sentinels firing everything they had.[4] Soon after these Retrievers came under attack, weaponized-Retrievers engaged the UNSC ships. While the Retrievers were easily destroyed, they greatly outnumbered and outgunned the human ships. In mere seconds ten human ships are destroyed, either exploding in midair or detonating upon impact with the planet's surface.[5]

More and more Retrievers continued to stream through the portal, some joined together to form larger machines. Eventually there were only a dozen human ships left, these ships charged into the Retrievers in a last defense of Earth. Suddenly, all the Retrievers began to retreat through the portal until none were left.[6]

During the invasion, Tragic Solitude's data array's were attacked by a joint UNSC-Swords of Sanghelios taskforce. Solitude agreed to recall the Retrievers once they ceased fire.[7]


After the attack it was decided that reinforcements should be sent through to the Ark to investigate the source of the attack. A fleet of ships soon arrived at the Ark. The UNSC Witness soon located the damaged Sangheili ship Mayhem and retrieved it.[8]

Soon after arriving, the fleet began the colonization and repair of the Ark, in order to prevent the Installation from reactivating the Halos.[9]

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