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Bobby Kodiak
Biographical information


March 20, 2555






Approximately 6 feet (180 cm)[1]

Political and military information


"They never wanted to see me winning."
— Bobby Kodiak[2]

Bobby Kodiak,[3] callsign Broadside One,[4] was an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper and Spartan Frank Kodiak's younger brother.[3]


Early military career[edit]

During the Human-Covenant War, Bobby enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps and served as an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper in the 15th Marine Forces Reserve.[3] At some point during the war, his brother Frank gifted him a small firearm, which he kept secretly holstered on his thigh.[4] Circa 2552, he became affiliated with the Office of Naval Intelligence and participated in some of their highly classified military operations. After the war, in late 2553, Bobby participated in another ONI operation aboard UNSC Rubicon, only divulging to his brother that they would be prototype testing in an Oort cloud near Thales. After months of no contact, Rubicon was declared lost with all hands after it had supposedly collided with a natural satellite.[3]

Mission to Installation 00[edit]

Bobby Kodiak: "But… why would you save me?"
000 Tragic Solitude: "Because I don't have one of you. Because you might be useful. Because I am alone here, and I require your assistance. Simply surrender yourself to me and all will be well."
— 000 Tragic Solitude convincing Bobby Kodiak to surrender himself[5]

In actuality, UNSC Rubicon had traveled to the damaged Installation 00.[3] Bobby was designated leader of Broadside, one of the remote contact teams stationed aboard the ship. The team's mission was intended to be a routine asset-recovery operation with no intention of military action. The team was deployed to the surface of the Ark to begin their mission, but a blizzard set in at their position as they trekked across the installation's surface. Sometime later, the unit was attacked by a pack of chaefka; Broadside had been unable to detect the animals as their white fur allowed them to blend in with the blizzard. While the chaefka began massacring Broadside, Bobby attempted to run away. However, the chaefka attacked and heavily injured him, and one of them dragged him away to be eaten. Bobby was able to survive by killing the animal with the small firearm his brother had given him years before. Afterward, he was able to drag himself into a cave half-buried in the snow, where he intended to die. The chaefka's attack left Bobby with numerous broken bones, heavy damage to his entire torso, and blood pouring into his lungs. His communications unit had partially stopped working and he was no longer able to call for assistance. Utilizing his comm unit, monitor 000 Tragic Solitude came into contact with Bobby and vaguely implied that he was responsible for Broadside's demise. Tragic Solitude informed Bobby that the UNSC Rubicon had left the installation via slipstream space and offered to save him if he surrendered himself to the monitor. Out of options, the barely alive Bobby agreed.[4]

Tragic Solitude "healed" Bobby by replacing many of his organs and appendages with mechanical counterparts, reconfiguring him into a cyborg. His face became an array of scars, burns, and over-grown skin, appearing to be stitched together. Bobby's right eye remained in place, but his left eye was gone. His body was largely reconstructed, with metallic alloy parts replacing his organic torso. Bobby now had a metallic foot[6] and only one of his arms remained organic, though both were now equipped with retractable, half-meter long, sharp blades.[7] After Bobby was relatively stable, the rampant monitor acted to carry out his goals. Furious at humanity and other "destructive" species for damaging Installation 00 years earlier, Tragic Solitude intended to activate the Halo Array to wipe out all sentient species in the Milky Way. Needing a Reclaimer to do so, the monitor used Bobby to initiate the Array's firing sequence.[6]

Reunion and death[edit]

Frank Kodiak: "I mean, he's going to receive a proper burial… and I'm going to make damn sure that the record of his passing is updated so he's not simply listed as MIA. The man's a hero but…"
Olympia Vale: "But?"
Frank Kodiak: "That thing back there was not my brother. Not really. My brother died in this place years ago, but even what was left of him was noble enough to know what it means to sacrifice."
— Frank Kodiak and Olympia Vale discuss Bobby Kodiak[8]

Responding to the activation of the Halo Array, a joint United Nations Space CommandSwords of Sanghelios team traveled to Installation 00 on a mission to stop the firing sequence; one of the Spartan-IVs assigned to the team was Frank Kodiak, Bobby's brother. One of the team's members, Olympia Vale, was captured by Tragic Solitude to serve as a possible replacement for Bobby. When Vale told the monitor that she would rather die than serve as his slave, Tragic Solitude brought Bobby forward and ordered the two to fight to the death—the "winner" of the duel was to reactive the firing sequence of the Halo Array, which had recently been shut down by the team. At this time, Frank, Elias Holt, N'tho 'Sraom, and Zon 'Vadum arrived at their location, but an energy barrier prevented them from entering.[6] The unarmed Vale was reluctant to fight the cyborg, but the aggressive Bobby had no qualms himself. Using his inability to quickly shift speed and direction, Vale was able to briefly avoid Bobby, though he quickly adapted to her strategy. She attempted to calm him down, but he grabbed her ankle and threw her across the room. When the cyborg charged at her again, Vale attempted to punch him in the torso, but only succeeded in injuring her hand. As the fight continued, Bobby unveiled the blades in his forearms and continued to attack Vale. Bobby proved to be stronger, faster, and more aggressive and delivered numerous injuries to Vale. However, to intervene, Holt, 'Sraom, and 'Vadum had discovered Tragic Solitude's data center and began firing at them. Frank managed to indicate to Vale that the cyborg was his brother.[7]

Vale called out the cyborg by name and he stopped in his tracks, as the monitor continued to struggle to even stay afloat. She was able to briefly calm him down and reminded him who he was, even pointing out Frank to him. However, the cyborg soon turned aggressive and started to attack her again. Slamming Vale into the energy barrier, Bobby injured her ribs. Before he could kill Vale, he suddenly collapsed to the ground; Tragic Solitude ended the duel, desperately telling Vale to order her allies to stop firing into his data center. The monitor deactivated the energy barrier and Frank told Holt and the Sangheili to stop. Frank rushed to Bobby's side, and the cyborg asked to be killed. Frank refused and told him that he would take him home to be healed, as Holt and the Sangheili returned to their side.[7] However, Tragic Solitude suddenly attacked the group and blasted Frank and Holt across the room. Bobby lunged at the monitor and grabbed on to him. Tragic Solitude attempted to fling the cyborg off, but Bobby plunged his blades deep into the monitor's housing. Fatally damaged, Tragic Solitude plummeted towards the ground at a high speed and exploded upon impact, mortally wounding Bobby in the process. As Frank rushed to his side, Bobby looked at his brother one last time before dying.[9] The team took Bobby's body back to their damaged ship, before UNSC Witness arrived to take them all back to Earth.[8]

Personality and traits[edit]

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