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Zon 'Vadum is a Sangheili warrior who serves in the Swords of Sanghelios.


Operation: FAR STORM[edit]

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In 2555 he joined Usze 'Taham and N'tho 'Sraom on the corvette Mayhem, and participated in Operation: FAR STORM.

Upon exiting slipspace over the Ark, the Mayhem was soon engaged by multiple armed Retrievers and was overwhelmed. The corvette crashed onto the surface of the Ark, suffering severe damage.[1] Zon and the rest of the expedition exited the ship and he informed them of where they were heading. After a while the group was attacked by a pack of blind wolves and a group of chaefka. During the fight Olympia Vale was attacked by one of the animals and her mind started to be controlled by an unknown force, which made her walk away with one of the chaefka.[2] After learning of her disappearance, the remaining members of the expedition were split up, with one team consisting of N'tho, Luther Mann, Spartan Frank Kodiak, Zon 'Vadum and Kola 'Baoth tasked with heading straight to the Citadel and the other team consisting of Usze 'Taham, Spartan Elias Holt and Henry Lamb tasked with searching for Vale.[3] N'tho lead his group and found a mammoth-like creature which, to their surprise, carried them straight to the Citadel.[4]

Both teams arrived at the Citadel, where the hard light bridge leading to the entrance was activated for them. The group made their way through the building and across the bridge leading to the control panel that would deactivate the Array. Upon reaching it, Luther Mann deactivated the Array and dozens of armigers teleported in front of them.[5] The team fought their way back across the bridge but N'tho, Kodiak, Holt and Zon were cut off from the rest and were teleported into a dark corridor.[6] They made their way through and found a room with Olympia Vale and the Ark's monitor inside, but could not enter due to an energy barrier. Vale was then attacked by a cyborg, actually Kodiak's brother Bobby and a fight between the two ensued. N'tho, Zon, Frank, and Holt went and found the monitor's data stores and started firing at them, causing the energy barrier to fall.[7] Vale took down Bobby and the monitor begged for them to stop damaging his data stores and that he would call back the retrievers if they did so. They agreed to stop shooting, but when the monitor attacked them again, Bobby lunged at the monitor and pierced it with his bladed forearm but he was killed when the monitor exploded, much to Frank's dismay. Zon and the other Sangheili then found a way to the surface and the team headed back to the Mayhem.[8]


He is likely related to Rtas 'Vadum.

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