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Elias Holt
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Elias Holt is a Spartan-IV supersoldier who participated in Operation: FAR STORM.[1]


Early military career[edit]

During his service in the Human-Covenant War, Elias Holt proved to be a very competent and accomplished soldier of the United Nations Space Command. Throughout his military career, Holt participated in numerous battles in which he engaged Unggoy, Kig-Yar, and occasionally Jiralhanae, though he had never encountered a Sangheili during the war. Shortly after the end of the war, Holt's achievements led to his recruitment and enlistment in the Spartan branch, where he became a Spartan-IV supersoldier after sessions of extensive combat training and augmentations.[1]

Operation: FAR STORM[edit]

Main article: Operation: FAR STORM

In March 2555, a countdown to the activation of the Halo Array was discovered on Installation 07. A joint UNSC–Swords of Sanghelios task force was created to journey to Installation 00 to stop the firing sequence of the Halos.[2] The Office of Naval Intelligence had stationed Holt and Spartan Frank Kodiak at the portal generator at Voi, Kenya on Earth while it underwent repairs to allow the team to travel to the Ark.[1] After two days, Huragok Drifts Randomly managed to reactive the portal and the operation's team convened aboard Mayhem, the Sangheili's corvette, after a Retriever had exited the portal and begun mining Kenyan soil before it was destroyed by UNSC Endeavor. While Captain Annabelle Richards insisted that the team needed ONI's permission before entering the portal, Commander N'tho 'Sraom moved the corvette towards the portal as he felt that they could not waste time waiting for administrative consent. Before they entered, Mayhem was attacked by another Retriever, though the corvette managed to destroyed the Sentinel.[3] Mayhem entered the portal and, ultimately, the trip only took several hours rather than weeks[4]—due to an increase in the portal's power by rampant monitor 000 Tragic Solitude.[5]

The vessel was soon engaged by multiple armed Retrievers and was overwhelmed, the corvette crashed onto the surface of the Ark and suffered severe damage.[6] Kodiak and the rest of the expedition exited the ship and N'tho informed them they were heading to the installation's Citadel, where they could deactivate the Halo Array. After journeying for a while the group were approached by a pack of blind wolves but managed to avoid them thanks to Olympia Vale's advice, however they were promptly attacked by a group of Chaefka and the sound of the fight attracted the blind wolves back. During the fight Vale was attacked by one of the animals and her mind started to be controlled by an unknown force which made her walk away with one of the Chaefka.[7] After learning of her disappearance, Richards ordered three Marines to take the dead back to the ship and she split the remaining members of the expedition into two groups, with one team consisting of Kodiak, N'tho, Luther Mann, Zon 'Vadum, Kola 'Baoth, the remaining four Marines and herself tasked with heading straight to the Citadel and the other team consisting of Usze 'Taham, Holt and Henry Lamb tasked with searching for Vale.[8]

While searching for Vale, the three lost communications with the rest of the team and increased snowfall prevented them from following Vale's footprints. The group resolved to continue to the Citadel, hoping to either encounter Vale or the rest of the team. Along their journey, they were attacked by four armiger constructs. The armigers attempted to kill the group by rolling trees and rocks down mountains towards them. Having barely avoided the attacks, the three chose to make a stand against the armigers and destroyed the constructs. More armigers arrived at their location via slipspace portals, though Usze and Holt, with some help from Lamb, managed to destroy most of the armigers, while the surviving constructs fled. However, the armiger's attack further displaced the group from tracking down Vale's location.[9] As they continued towards the Citadel, the three were suddenly attacked by a mobile, carnivorous plant, which forced them to take cover in a nearby cave up on a cliffside. However, communications were enabled between both groups by Tragic Solitude, allowing Holt to contact Spartan Kodiak and request for support. Kodiak arrived and engaged the plant, allowing Usze to sneak behind it and kill it with his energy sword.[10]

Eventually, both groups met up at the entrance of the Citadel and continued on together. The group made their way through the building and across the bridge leading to the control panel that would deactivate the array. Upon reaching it Luther Mann deactivated the array and dozens of Armigers teleported in front of them.[11] The team fought their way back across the bridge but Kodiak, N'tho, Holt and Zon were cut off from the rest and were teleported into a dark corridor.[12] They made their way through and found themselves in a room with a gap in the floor blocking their path. The Spartans used their armor's built in thrusters to cross the gap, but Aggressor Sentinels suddenly rose out of the gap just as N'tho attempted to jump the hole. Zon and the Spartans quickly destroyed the Sentinels, and N'tho was pulled out of the hole by Kodiak and Holt.

N'tho heard Olympia Vale's voice and they soon found a room with her and the Ark's monitor, 000 Tragic Solitude, inside but they couldn't enter due to an energy barrier blocking their way. Vale was then attacked by a cyborg which Kodiak quickly identified as his brother Bobby Kodiak and a fight between him and Vale ensued. N'tho, Zon, Kodiak and Holt went and found the monitor's data stores and started firing at them, causing the monitor to malfunction and the energy barrier to fall.[13] Vale took down Bobby and the monitor begged for them to stop damaging his data stores and that he would call back the retrievers if they did so. The rest of the group agreed to stop shooting but the monitor attacked them again, Bobby lunged at the monitor and pierced it with his bladed forearm but he was killed when the monitor exploded. N'tho then found a way to the surface and the team headed back to the ship.[14]

After returning to Mayhem, the team realized the ship was still in very bad shape, but a fleet of UNSC ships exit slipspace and manage to locate the vessel and bring it back to Earth.[15]

Personality and traits[edit]

Relatively young for a Spartan-IV supersoldier, Elias Holt is enthusiastic about his position and job. He is considered to be somewhat "green" by Spartan standards, though Holt is a very capable soldier. Unlike some Spartans, Holt has a tendency to say what is on his mind.[1]

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