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UNSC Endeavor
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"Your vessels are quite formidable."
N'tho 'Sraom[2]

UNSC Endeavor is a cruiser in service with the UNSC Navy following the Human-Covenant War.[1]


In March of 2555, UNSC Endeavor became involved with Operation: FAR STORM—an Office of Naval Intelligence operation created to stop the recent activation of the Halo Array at Installation 00. Once the slipspace portal at Voi was reactivated, a joint UNSC–Swords of Sanghelios team was to board the cruiser and venture through the portal to the Ark.[3] Endeavor was given a large complement of vehicles to assist the operation's team in traveling across the Ark.[4]

When the portal was opened, a Retriever promptly exited and begun strip-mining the Kenyan soil. In response, UNSC Endeavor descended from its orbital perch above the portal and open-fired on the Forerunner Sentinel. The Retriever immediately turned its attention towards the cruiser and used its gravitic mining beam against Endeavor. Angling away from the beam, Endeavor continued to fire upon the construct; the Retriever was not designed for combat, giving Endeavor an advantage. However, the Retriever diverted more power to the beam and managed to envelope the cruiser with it, causing Endeavor to rotate rapidly. Before the cruiser could be ripped apart by the beam, the Retriever was attacked by dozens of AV-22 Sparrowhawks, F-99 Wombats, and Pelican dropships that were stationed at a nearby military complex. Escaping the beam, Endeavor seemed to redouble its efforts and continued firing upon the Retriever. With the aid of the smaller craft, the cruiser succeeded in destroying the Retriever.[1] Following the event, the expedition team met aboard Mayhem—a Sangheili corvette. Rather than wait for ONI assess the situation and continue the mission aboard Endeavor, the Sangheili decided to take action by taking their ship through the portal with the operation's entire team aboard.[5]

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