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Broadside was the designation of one of the many ONI remote contact teams (RCTs) attached to the UNSC Rubicon during its expedition to the Ark.[1]


Broadside was a squad classified as a remote contact team: an incredibly skilled team intended for high-risk combat and deployed into potentially hazardous or outright hostile environments.[1] Its leader was ODST Bobby Kodiak, callsign Broadside One.[2] Broadside fell under the operational command of the Office of Naval Intelligence and was attached to the ONI ship UNSC Rubicon.

Broadside took part in the first manned expedition to the Ark since Operation: BLIND FAITH. After all the automated probes sent by the UNSC to investigate the Ark suddenly went offline in November 2553, the Rubicon, laden with large numbers of RCT (including Broadside) and remote survey drones, was commissioned and dispatched from Luna in December 2553 to investigate.[3] After several months' journey using state-of-the-art Forerunner Slipspace drive technology, the Rubicon arrived at the Ark and deployed its RCTs.

On the Ark's surface, Broadside, like all the RCTs, faced adverse and unpredictable weather conditions due to the damaged sustained by the Installation's habitability sustainment systems.[4] While moving across the Ark's surface, Broadside became trapped in a sudden blizzard.[5] During the blizzard, the team was surprised and massacred by a pack of chaefka.[5] Only one member of the team, Kodiak, would survive the attack, killing one of the beasts with a pistol given him by his brother.[5] Grievously wounded, Kodiak was subsequently made prisoner by the Ark's monitor, 000 Tragic Solitude.[6]

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