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A remote contact team (RCT) is an incredibly skilled, high-risk combat unit of the United Nations Space Command, designed to be deployed in potentially hazardous, violate, or hostile environments.[1]


Shortly after December of 2553, numerous remote contact teams were deployed by UNSC Rubicon to the surface of the damaged Installation 00.[2] The RCTs were forced to endure extremely hostile conditions, as the installation's life support systems were severely damaged. The teams were ordered to avoid all fauna they encountered on the Ark. The teams managed to conduct several initial surveys on Installation 00's surface, but contact with most RCTs was lost after eight days.[3] One team, Broadside, was attacked by chaefka on the Ark; only the team leader survived, though he was captured by monitor 000 Tragic Solitude.[1] Only RCT-06—after suffering heavy causalities—returned to Rubicon,[3] with the remains of 343 Guilty Spark. The monitor soon took control of Rubicon and left the area with the ship.[4]

In 2557, after the Office of Naval Intelligence lost contact with its research teams on Erebus VII, several remote contact teams were sent to determine the cause of contact loss; the teams were unable to determine the location of the researchers.[5] A RCT was also deployed to an asteroid belt in an unidentified system, where the team deemed the site to be too dangerous for study.[6] Extra-vehicular activity-ready remote contact teams were deployed by ONI to a violent meteor collision site where a non-native fragment of an impacting agent of unknown origin was discovered.[7]

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