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Artwork of Dahks on Suban.
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Kig-Yar (Ruuhtian)[2]



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"Headbursts cossst exxtraa."
— An exclamation made by Dahks while sniping Banished infantry[2]

Dahks is a Ruuhtian Kig-Yar mercenary serving as a sniper within the Swords of Sanghelios.[2]


Covenant service[edit]

In his early years, Dahks became known as a keen tracker, adept at understanding and cataloguing the deepest wilds of the Kon’chomet jungles on Ruuht. During the course of his time there, he learned navigating the region’s most challenging scope of flora and fauna that would ultimately help teach Dahks the patience and focus they would later employ on important battlefronts throughout the War of Annihilation.[1]

During his service in the Covenant military, Dahks was member of the Jha'kaar, an elite order of Kig-Yar long-range assassins. At some point, he received the title of Khordat.[2] [1]

Swords of Sanghelios[edit]

Sometime prior to early 2560, Dahks was hired by the Swords of Sanghelios as a mercenary. By 2560, Dahks had been assigned as part of a joint Swords of Sanghelios and UNSC team under the purview of Fleetmaster Arkad Nar 'Kulul, one of the leaders of the Sanghelios home defense fleet. The Kig-Yar had developed a fondness for human-made sniper rifles, an interest with invited several discussions between Dahks and Trell, a Spartan of Fireteam Jorogumo.[2]

When the Banished attacked Suban in early 2560, Dahks and the rest of the joint team participated in the moon's defense under the command of Fahl 'Nto and Orim 'Kasaan. Their task was to clear the Mines of Shua'ree of their Banished presence, a job which saw Dahks and Trell provide sniper overwatch while the others infiltrated the site. Initially, the assault was going well, with Dahks and Trell picking off targets as the rest worked their way through the mines. However, the appearance of Chieftain Ipso turned the tide of battle in the Banished's favor. As more Swords of Sanghelios warriors fell, Fahl 'Nto was bested and nearly killed by Ipso, only being saved by Spartan Glyyss's sacrifice. With the Swords of Sanghelios clearly fighting a losing battle, the joint team retreated to their Phantom to continue the fight another day.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

Even at an early age, Dahks proved to be a skilled tracker. His sojourn in the wilds of the Kon’chomet jungles taught Dahks patience and focus that would be of great use throughout the War of Annihilation.[1]

As former member of the Jha'kaar, Dahks proved to be a skilled mercenary marksman during his service to the Covenant and later to the Swords of Sanghelios.[2][1]


By early 2560, Dahks had developed a fondness for human sniper rifles and has been witnessed wielding an SRS99-S7 AM sniper rifle in combat. He is also known to make use of an ocular enhancement helmet capable of syncing with human-made drones.[2]

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