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Jha'kaar snipers in Sniper Alley.
Jha'kaar personnel in "Sniper Alley", Old Mombasa.

The Jha'kaar were a specialised order of Kig-Yar that served within the armed forces of the Covenant empire. The Jha'kaar served the Covenant as expert marksmen.[1]


Jha'kaar were Kig-Yar Snipers, and bore no particularly externally-identifiable markings, armour or weaponry beyond the standard equipment assigned to all snipers as standard—allowing them to appear as ordinary as any other unit to an external observer. The Jha'kaar were only known of in rumours and stories and the names of Jha'kaar personnel known only to the order's commanding officers; those who did know of their existence generally understood them as extremely capable snipers capable of performing shots considered otherwise impossible. Some speculation offered as to the nature of these marksmanship skills suggested the snipers involved had preternatural instinct.[1] The organisation's similarity to the Sangheili Silent Shadow may indicate them to have worked in the Special Warfare Group in some fashion.

The true extent of the Jha'kaar and the organisation's influence and allegiances—or if they even remain active among the Covenant remnants in the post-war era—remains unknown.[1]


Human-Covenant War[edit]

The Jha'kaar were personally selected by the Prophet of Regret to serve as enforcers of his will during the Human-Covenant War.[1] During his ill-fated invasion of Earth, Jha'kaar were deployed into the streets of Old Mombasa to engage human forces,[2] and were later deployed onto Installation 05 in the cliff's surrounding Regret's base of operations.[3] Ultimately, neither deployment was able to prevent the Master Chief from assassinating the Prophet.[4]


The Jha'kaar near-supernatural skills in marksmanship are a reference to the infamous precision and speed of the Jackal Sniper enemies encountered in Halo 2, especially on Legendary difficulty.


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