Arkad Nar 'Kulul

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Arkad Nar 'Kulul
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"This is Fleet Master Arkad Nar 'Kulul."
— The fleetmaster hails a subordinate ship in his fleet.[1]

Arkad Nar 'Kulul is the Sangheili fleetmaster of the Fleet of Recalcitrant Ire.[1]


"Destroy them."
— Arkad Nar 'Kulul gives the command to fire on the Enduring Conviction.[1]

At some point in mid-2553, the Covenant separatist Fleet of Recalcitrant Ire controlled by Arkad Nar 'Kulul was holding position over the planet Kostroda.[1] Let 'Volir, the shipmaster of the Enduring Conviction, a CAS-class assault carrier, reported capturing Atriox, the Jiralhanae warmaster of the Banished, on its surface. The Brute had since been transported to his ship. Fleetmaster 'Kulul instructed Let 'Volir to maintain orbit and await further commands. Around twelve hours later, 'Kulul personally hailed the Conviction to inquire as to the status of the prisoner. The only response he received was movement of the vessel that had not been authorized. One of his underlings, speaking for him, voiced indignation over this action and asked about Atriox again with an order to reply at once. Hearing nothing, this Sangheili warned that further silence would be interpreted as hostility. True to that threat, it was not long before 'Kulul directed his crew to destroy the assault carrier. It was able to evade the barrage levied against it by making a pinpoint slipspace jump and then it left the system behind entirely. Fleetmaster Arkad Nar 'Kulul assumed that Atriox had somehow taken over the ship and that 'Volir had fallen, but in reality, he and his entire crew had willingly defected to the Banished cause.[1]


Fleetmaster Arkad Nar 'Kulul armors himself in a silver and grey standard combat harness.[1]


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