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This article is about the title. For the Meridian political party, see Stewards.
Two Stewards speaking to the Prophet of Regret.

A Steward was a title in the Covenant. Stewards served as servants, advisors and even bodyguards, if the situation required it, to high-ranking individuals, such as a Sangheili fleetmasters or San'Shyuum High Lords or Hierarchs.


Stewards were employed by the Reformist San'Shyuum as early as the War of Wills. Even though Stewards were generally tasked with protecting the San'Shyuum they were assigned to, their superiors were usually better armed than them.[1] The Reformist Stewards originated from a lower-caste brood that was forever obligated to serve as a subordinate.[2] These early Stewards were equipped with antigravity belts and armed with pulse rifles.[1] The Stewards donned long, purple robes.[3]

The High Lord of Sacred Relics worked with a Steward during the skirmish at the Planet of Blue and Red in 860 BCE, until the Steward was killed during a Sangheili ambush on the San'Shyuum command station.[4] A Steward later served aboard Vengeful Vitality‎ during the mission to Janjur Qom.[5]

The title of Steward continued to be used throughout Covenant history. Following the Battle of Meridian in 2551, the Prophet of Regret met with two San'Shyuum Stewards who revealed the existence of the final home of the Forerunners, as well the location of a portal that led to it.[3]


The title of Steward was also used among the Sangheili to refer to high-ranked individuals' junior aides. In the 9th Age of Reclamation, a young Major named Tam 'Lakosee served as a Steward to Nizat 'Kvarosee, Fleetmaster of the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience.[6]


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