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High Lord was a title of nobility in San'Shyuum society, wielded by titled members of the aristocratic high-caste.[1] The title was used by the Reformists and in the early years of the Covenant.[1][2]

As members of the San'Shyuum nobility, High Lords were expected to use anti-gravity chairs for transportation and comfort. Those born to lower-caste broods were destined to serve as subordinates to High Lords. For example, stewards were selected from the lower-caste to accompany High Lords on the battlefield to serve as a personal military advisor and bodyguard, despite the fact that High Lords were better armed than stewards.[1] Under the Covenant, the title of High Lord was considered to be relatively lower in status in comparison to the offices of minister and Prophet.[3]

Mken 'Scre'ah'ben was the High Lord of Sacred Relics.[1] Qurlom was also a High Lord. Within High Charity, all High Lords resided in the Compartments of Comfort.[2]

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