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High Lord was a title of nobility in San'Shyuum society, wielded by titled members of the aristocratic high-caste.[1] The title was used by the Reformists and carried over into the early years of the Covenant.[1][2]

As members of the San'Shyuum nobility, High Lords were expected to use anti-gravity chairs for transportation and comfort. Those born to lower-caste broods were destined to serve as subordinates to High Lords. For example, stewards were selected from the lower-caste to accompany High Lords on the battlefield to serve as a personal military advisor and bodyguard, despite the fact that High Lords were better armed than stewards.[1] Those titled High Lord could also hold additional titles such as Hierarch in the Reformists.

Under the Covenant, additional titles such as minister held more authority than one who was only a High Lord.[3]

Mken 'Scre'ah'ben was the High Lord of Sacred Relics.[1] Hierarch Qurlom was also a High Lord. Within High Charity, all High Lords resided in the Compartments of Comfort.[2]

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