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"Zhinn" was the name given to a Spartan of Fireteam Jorogumo while participating in joint operations alongside Swords of Sanghelios forces on Suban in early 2560.[1]


Serving the Swords[edit]

By early 2560 as part of a treaty between the United Nations Space Command and Swords of Sanghelios, Fireteam Jorogumo was assigned as part of an allied attaché under the purview of Fleetmaster Arkad Nar 'Kulul, one of the leaders of the Sanghelios home defense fleet. During this time, Zhinn and the other members of the fireteam were at the disposal of Swords forces at the discretion of key kaidons and commanders. As part of their integration into the Swords of Sanghelios forces, each of Jorogumo's Spartans had been given Sangheili names that were not quite titles and not quite nicknames, but terms that would give them each a unique identity and stronger sense of inclusion. "Zhinn" was this Spartan's Sangheili name, while the other members of the fireteam were named "Trell," "Glyyss," and "Jaarov."[1]

Battle of Suban[edit]

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When the Banished attacked Suban in early 2560 with the intent to claim the moon's supply of kemuksuru for themselves, Jaarov and Fireteam Jorogumo were assigned by Fleetmaster 'Kulul to a Swords taskforce led by Fahl 'Nto and Orim 'Kasaan. Their mission called for them to infiltrate the Banished-occupied Mines of Shua'ree and clear it out. Before the taskforce launched their assault, 'Nto led Glyyss, Trell, and a Kig-Yar named Dahks on a recon mission to scout out the mine's entrance while Zhinn and Jaarov prepared for the assault alongside a Swords assault force aboard 'Kasaan's Phantom. When the scouting party was ready to move, Glyyss contacted Zhinn and Jaarov, telling them that they would be in position shortly and that 'Kasaan could start his approach.[1]

Once Glyyss and Fahl 'Nto reached the mine's mouth, they swiftly killed the two guards posted there. With the patrol eliminated, 'Nto contacted Scorrin's Blade—the Hekar Taa-pattern blockade runner acting as support—to confirm that the Banshees were on approach. Shortly thereafter, the Banshees arrived to dump plasma and fuel rods into the Banished's Barukaza Workshop siege-haulers being loaded with raw kemuksuru. The resulting explosions sent a wave of confusion through the occupying forces within the mines and 'Nto communicated to 'Kasaan to bring in the Phantom. Mere moments later, the Phantom appeared at the mouth of the cave, releasing Zhinn, Jaarov, and at least a dozen Sangheili warriors into the fray. The two Spartans eliminated several enemy warriors in short order, joined by a hulking member of the Swords known as Koal 'Mal. As the Swords of Sanghelios forces swept through mines and slaughtered the Banished, Chieftain Ipso appeared and confronted 'Nto, ultimately besting the Sangheili in combat and knocking him to the ground. However, as the Chieftain swung his gravity hammer with the intent to finish him off, Glyyss leapt in front of 'Nto and took the blow. Glyyss was killed almost immediately as the massive blade became lodged in their back. Plasma fire from the Phantom forced Ipso to retreat, giving Zhinn and Jaarov the chance to recover Glyyss's body. With the mission falling apart, 'Nto, the other Spartans, and the rest of the Swords forces retreated themselves. As they prepared to leave in 'Kasaan's Phantom, 'Nto promised that they would return when the time was right.[1]


During the Battle of Suban, Zhinn wore MIRAGE-class MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.[1]


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