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Glassed (short story)

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This article is about the short story released with Halo: Battle Born. For the Halo 5: Guardians campaign level, see Glassed.
The scene from The Hunt Begins that was incorporated into the short story.

Glassed is an short story included in the 2024 re-release edition of the novel Halo: Battle Born. The story, which takes place before the eponymous level from Halo 5: Guardians, fleshes out a short scene from the The Hunt Begins live-action trailer by depicting Spartans Jameson Locke and Holly Tanaka sharing their pasts while onboard a D79-TC Pelican en route to Meridian.[1]

The story is one of two featured in the Battle Born Adjunct section, exclusively included in the 2024 re-issue of the novel under Simon & Schuster publishing - the other being Free Frontier Education: The Sundered Legion.[1]

Plot synopsis[edit]

Glassed depicts a short scene of Fireteam Osiris' flight to Meridian, as initially shown in The Hunt Begins trailer. The story is told primarily from the viewpoint of Holly Tanaka, reflecting back upon her own history of survival on the glassed worlds of Minab and Cleyell (as initially depicted in The Glass Horizon story arc of Halo: Escalation), and her apprehensiveness toward working with the newly-assembled Fireteam Osiris. During the flight, Tanaka and Locke open up about their pasts, before their Pelican arrives at Pinnacle Station and the story ends.



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