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Unified Earth Government


Minab was an Outer Colony planet of the Unified Earth Government.[1][2] Its capital city, Kynur, was a metropolis build adjacent to a small mountain range. Large stretches of land were glassed in 2550 by the Covenant and very few of the colonists survived the initial bombardment and the subsequent occupation.[2]


Minab was attacked late in the Human-Covenant War, in 2550. A handful of colonists survived the Covenant's orbital bombardment by having taken refuge in underground caves. Over the following year, gangs of Kig-Yar scavengers maintained a presence on the planet, tearing down the remnants of Minab's cities. More than three years after the Covenant's assault, UNSC search teams arrived and recovered a few surviving colonists from the planet, among them future Spartan Holly Tanaka.[2]

Topography and ecology[edit]

The Covenant's glassing caused the entire planet to undergo a nuclear winter, turning Minab's surface into a frozen tundra. Despite its frigid conditions, some of the world's native wildlife survived the harsh environment. Bipedal creatures reminiscent of Gúta were trapped and eaten by the surviving colonists.[2]

Notable residents[edit]


The colony was likely named after one of the many locales of the same name located in Iran.

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