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Free Frontier Education: The Sundered Legion

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A view of Hestia V looming behind Meridian, as viewed from the Pinnacle Station space tether in the opening to the level Glassed.
Hestia V looming over Meridian, as used to represent the story in Canon Fodder.[1]

Free Frontier Education: The Sundered Legion is a short story that is included as additional content in the novel Halo: Battle Born, added as part of the re-release version of the book. In-universe, this short story is part of "The History of Meridian" holo-film series made by Free Frontier Education.[1]

The story is one of two featured in the Battle Born Adjunct section, exclusively included in the 2024 re-issue of the novel under Simon & Schuster publishing - the other being Glassed.[1]

Plot synopsis[edit]

Free Frontier Educaton: The Sundered Legion is presented as a transcript for an in-universe documentary of the same name, focusing on the history of the Insurrection on Meridian. The story is fictionally narrated by Myras Tyla, a celebrity from Earth who escaped Cleveland during the Covenant attack in 2552. Tyla begins the story by noting that the events covered begin in 2495 - three years following the Far Isle rebellion and the same year in which Colonel Robert Watts' Secessionist Union had taken Eridanus II for the rebel cause. She then narrates the history of the Sundered Legion on Meridian, covering their emergence amidst the Colonial Military Authority's departure from the planet in 2499 and gradual rise to power over the ensuing decades. A mid-reel break interrupts the story, advertising BLAST Beverages, before continuing the narration of the UEG-Sundered Legion antagonism on Meridian as the planet becomes a military-economic powerhouse for the UEG as a whole. This tension explodes in 2516, with the Siege of Aethia and Operation: TREBUCHET. The short ends with a tease to hear the next chapter of Meridian's history - focusing on the Human-Covenant War - after a commercial break consisting of a Liang-Dortmund Corporation advertisement.