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URNA, Earth

Notable events:

Battle for Earth, Battle of Cleveland


Cleveland is a major city in the state of Ohio in the United Republic of North America on Earth. The city is viewed as a resort area. An older part of Cleveland also exists, which is named Old Cleveland, much like Old Mombasa in Kenya.[1]

The city was founded by General Moses Cleveland and a team of surveyors in 1796. In the fall of 2552, the Covenant attacked the city during the Battle for Earth in search of the fictitious Key of Osanalan.[1]


The Jacobs Field sign can be seen in the background of a panel in Halo: Uprising Issue #2. However, after Uprising was published, the Indians' stadium was renamed Progressive Field. Other signs around Jacobs Field indicate that the Indians were about to play the Angels meaning baseball is still being played in 2552.

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