Jacobs Field

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Jacobs Field
A wideshot of Jacob's Field during Covenant occupation
Facility information


Cleveland, Ohio, URNA, North America[1]


Home field of the Cleveland Indians baseball team[2]

Historical information


2552 (presumably)

Controlled by:


Jacobs Field was a baseball stadium in Cleveland, Ohio that the Cleveland Indians baseball team used as a home field.[2] In 2552, the stadium was the site of intense fighting during the Battle of Cleveland and was severely damaged or destroyed.[1]


During the Battle for Earth, Covenant forces descended upon the city of Cleveland to try to find the Key of Osanalan, a nonexistent item that was made up by a captured Colonel James Ackerson in order to slow down the Covenant attack. The Covenant began capturing civilians and herding them into Jacobs Field, demanding them to turn over the Key. Eventually the UNSC forces launched an attack on this position. A contingent of ODSTs descended from Hornets and Pelicans and engaged Covenant forces. An explosive firefight broke out as the civilians attempted to flee the scene, and the stadium was severely damaged during the fighting, if not destroyed.[1]

Production notes[edit]

After Halo: Uprising was published, the Indians' stadium was renamed Progressive Field in 2008. Additionally, the team itself was renamed to the Cleveland Guardians in 2022. Due to various signage present in the comic, both names remain as their previous incarnation in that story.

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  1. ^ See Battle for Earth's Notes section though the Battle of Cleveland most likely took place on the morning of November 16 by regarding part of Halo: Uprising comic.