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The Meridian Air Force was the air force of Meridian's armed forces. The Air Force namely participated in the Battle of Meridian during the Human-Covenant War.[1]


The Meridian Air Force was the aerial service branch of Meridian's military, charged with ensuring air superiority and the defense of Meridian's skies and orbit. The Meridian Air Force also assisted in putting out widespread fires by dumping water from above.[2]


In 2548, as the Battle of Meridian began, the Meridian Air Force engaged the Covenant's fleet, fighting them off around Hestia V for over a week. Eventually, the Air Force was overpowered and the Covenant broke through, landing forces on Meridian.[1] Shortly after, with assistance from the Air Force and Navy of the United Nations Space Command armed forces, the Meridian Air Force and naval forces managed to gain control of Meridian's skies, preventing the Covenant from landing additional forces or aiding the troops already on the ground.[2]

The Meridian Air Force and their extensive orbital defensive grid allowed the military to fight against the Covenant for three full years, before the Covenant’s sheer power swept away the colony's resistance and Meridian was glassed in early 2551.[3]

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