Artemis Tracking System

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Jameson Locke using the ATS during the Battle of Sunaion.

The Artemis Tracking System (ATS)[1] is a prototype sensor and advanced tracking system still in development, for use by soldiers of the Spartan branch and operatives of the Office of Naval Intelligence, at the request of Jameson Locke to Sarah Palmer.[2] Manufactured by Ohana Prescient Systems, the Artemis Tracking System is an extension of the Visual Intelligence System, Reconnaissance—used by Orbital Drop Shock Troopers and some Spartan-IVs—with a firmware revision of 0.7.[3]

The ATS is capable of highlighting enemies, scanning the surrounding area for technological artifacts known to be of tactical significance, such as weapon storage crates, or of notable interest to intelligence analysts.[3] Spartan-IVs can also use the ATS to restore functionality to the armour systems of their fellow Spartans.[4] The ATS also has the ability to scan a weapon to see if it has ammunition in it or not. The system is able to remotely hack and operate a wide variety of technologies, from human to Forerunner.[1]

As of 2558, provisional access to the ATS has been granted to specific Spartan operatives, only with the permission of Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer, to aid in the search for missing UNSC assets and individuals. ONI technicians have approved it for field testing, however, various bugs and defects limit system functionality outside of a small range of approved Mjolnir [GEN2] integrations.[3] Fireteam Osiris used ATS during their hunt for the AWOL Blue Team.[1]


The tracking abilities of this system seem to be a reference to the Greek goddess of the hunt who shares the same name.


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