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D77C Pelican

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D77C Pelican
Production information




Technical specifications


30.5 meters (100 ft)
Troop Bay: 6.19 meters (20.3 ft)[2]


Wingspan: 23.3 meters (76 ft)
Troop Bay: 4.65 meters (15.3 ft)


10 meters (33 ft)
10.5 meters (34 ft) with landing gear
Troop Bay: 3.23 meters (10.6 ft)

Slipspace drive:


Chronological and affiliation


Law enforcement agencies


The D77 Civilian (D77C) Pelican[3] is a dropship employed by several human civilian law enforcement agencies.[4]


The D77C bears similarities to the UNSC's D77H-TCI Pelican dropship.[5] It is a paramilitary variant employed by police forces in major urban areas.[4]

Very few modifications have been made to the D77C over the existing D77H model, beyond the superficial color scheme and minor chassis alterations. The standard Pelican’s missiles and guns have been completely removed, replaced for civilian use with optical and sensory surveillance systems for the tracking and seizing of fugitives as well as addressing large-scale emergencies. For situations such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, riots or other strategic integrations which would require a heavily armored vehicle for airborne transportation, nothing comes close in utility to a Pelican.[3]

The D80 Condor is the original version of the later Condor series of dropships, built on the D77C Pelican body.[6]


The New Mombasa Police Department employed their own specialised version of the D77C dropship, known as the D77C-NMPD Pelican.[3] This variant was painted in white and black, with the front-mounted M370 autocannon replaced with a searchlight and other equipment.[5]

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