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Dropship 77 Civilian
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The D77C Pelican[1] (Formal classification: Dropship 77 Civilian),[3] more commonly known as the Pelican, is a paramilitary dropship widely employed by several human civilian law enforcement agencies.[1]


The D77C Pelican is a paramilitary variant of the D77-TC Pelican employed by police forces in major urban areas.[1] These chassis have most of their integrated weapon systems forgone, employ a surfeit of instrumentation to effect whatever their designated function might be.[3] In most cases, these do include clusters of optical and sensory surveillance systems, such as sensors and scanning equipment,[3] for the tracking and seizing of fugitives as well as addressing large-scale emergencies,[2] or simply the capacity to safety and quickly transport personnel and equipment across large distances, as was for the Liang-Dortmund D79-TC Pelican used on Meridian.[3] For situations such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, riots or other strategic integrations which would require a heavily armored vehicle for airborne transportation, nothing comes close in utility to a Pelican.[2]

The D80 Condor is the original version of the later Condor series of dropships, built on the D77C Pelican body.[4]


There is a growing number of civilian variants of the Pelican utilized by authorized corporations and local government agencies, including the New Mombasa Police Department.[3]

  • D77C-NMPD Pelican — The New Mombasa Police Department employed their own specialized version of the D77C dropship and bears similarities to the UNSC's D77H-TCI Pelican dropship based on very few modifications have been made to the D77C over the existing D77H model, beyond the superficial color scheme and minor chassis alterations.[5][2] This variant was painted in white and black, with the front-mounted M370 autocannon replaced with a searchlight and other equipment.[5]


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