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A human facility on Ruthersburg.

Ruthersburg is a minor human Outer Colony planet, governed by the Unified Earth Government.[1]


Ruthersburg was colonized by the Unified Earth Government as a minor Outer Colony, famed for little and barely charted. The planet's single inhabitable continent served as the home to Ruthersburg's only human settlements with low populations.[1]

During the Human-Covenant War, fleets of the Covenant arrived at Ruthersburg and eradicated the planet's small population. Just as the Covenant began to glass Ruthersburg, a section of the planet's fragile mantle buckled, tearing the only inhabitable continent apart in a rippling series of pyroclastic explosions. The barren husk that remained would have remained a footnote in history were it not for slipstream space routes discovered after the Covenant War, which placed Ruthersburg in a spur of the new Sol-Epsilon Eridani trade route. Megacorporations quickly sited resource extraction and refining operations on the planet's ruined surface dedicated to feeding metals and rare earths to shipyards building the next generation of UNSC Navy vessels above Mars and Tribute.[1]

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In the Halo: Reach live-action short Spaceport, Ruthersburg is a destination listed at the Manassas Spaceport.[2]

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