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Erland Booth
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March 26, 2526[1]

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Skull caved in by Tel 'Szatulai[1]

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"Nobody tells the Biko Independence Army what to do."
— Erland Booth[2]

Erland Booth was a prominent Insurrectionist within the Biko Independence Army.[2]


At some point in Booth's history, he served as a munitions maintenance chief aboard the UNSC Roman Blue.[1]

Booth was one of the leaders of the BIA, and reported to the organization's Chamber. In 2526, Booth was sent to a meeting aboard the Bellicose to represent the BIA's interests at a conference held by URF General Harper Garvin and Bellicose Captain Lyrenne Castilla. There, Booth reacted with outrage at the news that the UNSC's Operation: SILENT STORM was using his world as bait, and demanded the Insurrectionist factions assist. The group agreed to an attempt to ally with the Covenant by informing them of Task Force Yama's imminent attack on the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience at Biko, with Booth suggesting that the coalition provide troops and transport to aid the BIA in staging a coup against the Bikon Chancellor using the Seoba ice quarry as a staging ground.[2]

Following the foiling of this operation thanks to the actions of Task Force Yama, Booth would be one of dozens of Insurrectionists captured by UNSC forces. When the Emmeline left Seoba, Booth was aboard and was able to escape the UNSC thanks to the insurrection-allied double agents in the crew. When General Garvin arranged a meeting with Sangheili Tel 'Szatulai, Booth stole a HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon and claimed to arm it, holding the ship and its crew hostage, ordering the Silent Shadow assassin to call off the Covenant's attack on Biko or he'd detonate. This ploy did not work however, and 'Szatulai grabbed the nuke and used it to cave Erland's skull in, killing him.[1]

Physical appearance and description[edit]

Booth was a barrel-chested man with a long, red beard.[2][1]

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