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Production overview


Chalybs Defense Solutions[1]

Testing site(s):

Chalybs Testing Preserve[1]





Meant for engagements in both atmospheric and exoatmospheric conditions


MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Pilot is a MJOLNIR armor-compatible version of the primary helmet used by UNSC Air Force pilots developed by Chalybs Defense Solutions.[1]

GEN1 overview[edit]


Intended for engagements in both atmospheric and exoatmospheric conditions, the helmet's primary advantages are its increased field of vision and its aerospace-oriented tactical software suite incorporated to the heads-up display.[1]

Development history[edit]

The Pilot helmet entered service in 2541 and was eventually adapted for use with all UNSC armor systems, including Mark IV and eventually Mark V. It looks remarkably similar to the MJOLNIR EVA and SPI helmets.[2] While the similarities with the latter are strictly coincidental, the resemblance to the EVA helmet is a byproduct of Chalybs' collaboration with the Ganymede-based branch of the Materials Group, leading to many similarities with the EVA variant's physical architecture.[1]


It was used by the select few SPARTAN-II and SPARTAN-III supersoldiers attached to the Air Force as pilots and combat controllers.[1]

In 2558 the Pilot helmet is still being used on posters in locations like the Promesa‎ research center on Andesia.

GEN2 overview[edit]

GEN2 compatibility[edit]

As Spartan pilots use flight gear similar to those used prior to their augmentation, the GEN1 Pilot helmet could still be requisitioned by Spartans for use with their GEN2 Mjolnir suits by 2558,[3] alongside the more modern Aviator-class armor suite.[4] By 2558, the Pilot helmet was often fielded with an integral hardened uplink module and features classified updates to the UNSC Air Force-standard machine interlink firmware.[3]

In-game characteristics[edit]

The helmet in-game

Halo: Reach[edit]

Helmet characteristics[edit]

Adopted by the UNSC Air Force in 2542, this helmet is compatible with all current armor systems.
Base Price: 90,000 cR, Commander

  • Description: Although it bears some similarities to the SPI helmet, they are purely cosmetic in nature.

HUL[3] Price: 25,000 cR, Commander

  • Description: Third-generation external hardened uplink for MILINT acquisition; required for sensitive OPs.

UA/HUL[3] Price: 55,000 cR, Commander

  • Description: Up-armored variant with hardened 3rd-generation uplink module.

Haunted Price: 1 cR, Inheritor, requires all purchasable base helmets in the game.

  • Description: Happy friggin' Halloween!

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

Unlock: Rare REQ card

  • Helmet Description: Spartan pilots wear flight gear similar to those used before augmentation. Spartan PILOT helmets feature an integral hardened uplink module and classified updates to the UNSC Air Force-standard machine interlink firmware.


  • If the Haunted helmet is worn during the level Noble Actual, one will see the base of a skull in their helmet as they put it on.[5] If it is worn during the final cutscene of Lone Wolf, it will swap models with random helmets in between shots while it lays on the ground.[6]
  • The player's visor color will change the color of the Haunted helmet's skull.
  • In Halo Online pilot used the same design as OPERATOR-class Mjolnir.


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