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The S1 canister shell, S1 "Grapeshot" or "Salient One" is a type of ammunition utilized by the 90 mm high-velocity guns mounted on Scorpion tanks.[1][2] Similar rounds are also known to be fired from the M850 Grizzly's M310 120 mm cannons.[Note 1]


The S1 canister shell saw notable use by the M808B Scorpion and later M808S Scorpion tanks attached to the UNSC Spirit of Fire. M808B tanks armed with the S1 shell have been seen mounted with a large cylindrical external attachment on the outside of the turret, seemingly related to the storage or function of the canister ammunition, though M808S tanks utilizing canister shells have not been seen to feature this. The S1 shell is extremely effective against massed enemy targets, particularly infantry. When fired, a bulky cylindrical projectile exits the barrel with a distinctive sound, and upon impact releases many submunitions which detonate violently around the point of impact, leading to a large area of effect.


"Canister Shell" can be researched in the UNSC Vehicle Depot in Halo Wars and UNSC Garage in Halo Wars 2. Afterward, all Scorpions will be equipped with it as their special ability. In Halo Wars, Grizzly tanks can utilize the Canister Shell ability by default, as to possess them the player must have already researched the ability for the Scorpion.

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  1. ^ The page of the Halo: Essential Visual Guide pertaining to Grizzly tanks briefly discusses the canister shell, giving it its "Salient One" nickname but only specifying that any of the designations used pertain to 90 mm ordnance, which is an oddity considering that the same page repeatedly mentions that the Grizzly is armed with twin-120 mm guns. This may be a typo, but without confirmation of this the conclusion is that all given names for the round pertain only to the 90 mm.