S1 canister shell

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An M808S Scorpion firing an S1 canister shell in Halo Wars 2 campaign level Last Stand.
An M808S Scorpion firing a 90mm S1 canister shell during the Battle of Installation 09.

The 90mm S1 canister shell is a kind of canister shot antipersonnel munition employed on the main battle tanks utilised by the United Nations Space Command.[1][2][3]

The weapon is known by a handful of nicknames including "Grapeshot" and "Salient One".[2]


An M808B Scorpion upgraded with S1 canister shell on Chasm.
An M808B Scorpion with an S1 canister shot upgrade.

The S1 Canister shell is a 90mm munition consisting of a canister with multiple high-explosive submunitions.[4] When fired, the initial detonation of the canister is followed by many rapid follow-on explosions, saturating the area of effect with explosive fire.[5]

The munition is primarily utilised on the M808 Scorpion series of tanks in UNSC service (including the M808B and M808S models). In this manner, the projectiles can simply be fired from the Scorpions' 90mm M512 SBHV cannons, though the ability to use S1 loads is characterised by the addition of a module onto the side of the turret of unknown purpose[5] - possibly to store the additional ammunition load. By contrast, the M850 Grizzly typically uses dual 120mm M310 SBHV cannons—thus requiring the installation of twin additional 90mm S1 canister launchers onto the turret to enable the use of canister shot.[3]


"Canister Shell" can be researched in the UNSC Vehicle Depot in Halo Wars (for Tech level 3 and Resources 400) and UNSC Garage in Halo Wars 2. Afterward, all Scorpions will be equipped with it as their special ability. In Halo Wars, Grizzly tanks can utilize the Canister Shell ability by default, as to possess them the player must have already researched the ability for the Scorpion.


In the real world, a canister shell is a shell that contains multiple smaller projectiles as opposed to a single, larger projectile. Unlike the S1 shell, real-world canister shells contain solid and inert projectiles, while the S1 contains high-explosive munitions.


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