M310 smooth-bore high-velocity cannon

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The M310 smooth-bore high-velocity cannon is a weapon system that is dual-mounted in the turret of the UNSC's M850 "Grizzly" Main Battle Tank.[1] The cannons are jokingly referred to as the "main funs" by the crews of the Grizzly.[2]


The M310 guns are considered to be exceptionally powerful and are capable of utilising canister shell ammunition which produces a large carpet of explosive submunitions, greatly increasing the weapon's lethality against tightly packed targets.[1] The cannons are capable of overwhelming an energy shielded enemy vehicle's defences and piercing its hull in a single volley. When paired, the two cannons have a high rate of fire due to the Grizzly's turret featuring an innovative mechanism that uses the recoil impulse of one gun to more rapidly load the other.[2]

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