T261 Lucifer

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T261 "Lucifer" Arm-Mounted Gatling Gun
Lucifer About to Fire.JPG
Production overview


United Nations Space Command


Gatling-style machine gun


Ammunition type:

20mm high-explosive



Rate of fire:

2,980 rounds/min [note 1]

Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War


The T261 Arm-Mounted Gatling Gun, also known as the Lucifer, is a UNSC Gatling-style machine gun used during the Human-Covenant War.[1][2]


The T261 AMGG's only known use was during the Battle of Algolis. During the battle, a Marine with the call sign "Ghost" used a prototypical powered exoskeleton in defense of the civilians and fellow Marines still on the planet. Ghost used the suit's mounted T261 to take kill a large number of Covenant infantry, shoot down a Type-26 Banshee and destroy a Type-52 Phantom before he was overwhelmed by the invaders. He then activated the suit's nuclear self-destruct system, destroying himself, the suit, and all nearby Covenant forces. Since Ghost was never seen reloading the weapon, it is likely that the Lucifer was able of carrying 800 rounds at one time, four times the amount of the AIE-486H HMG and M247H HMG when detached from their mounts.


  • In Medieval Christianity, Lucifer is the name of the angel who was cast out of Heaven and later became the Devil.
  • In Roman mythology, Lucifer is the name of the deified dawn. The name means "Bearer of Light".


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  1. ^ In Prototype, Ghost fires the Lucifer at the Banshee for a total of six seconds. His heads-up display indicates he starts with 850 rounds and has 552 rounds afterward, meaning he has expended 298 rounds in six seconds. This means the Lucifer as a firing rate of ~50 rounds per second, or 2,980 rounds a minute.