GAU-10/A heavy autocannon

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GAU-10/A heavy autocannon
HSS Kestrel.jpg
A Kestrel firing its autocannons.
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Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


The GAU-10/A Heavy Autocannon (HAC) is an anti-personnel weapon in service with the United Nations Space Command.[1][2][3]


Design details[edit]

A pair of twin-linked GAU-10/A heavy autocannons are mounted on the standard production model of the AV-30 Kestrel,[2] on either side of the cockpit. These autocannons have a high rate of fire and are capable of doing significant damage against Covenant infantry and vehicles, such as the Karo'etba-pattern Ghost.[4]


The GAU-10/A was employed on a Kestrel used during the Battle of Installation 03.[4]

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