Spitfire naval coilgun battery

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The Spitfire naval coilgun battery is a ship-to-ship weapon utilised by the UNSC Navy during and after the Human-Covenant War.


Mark 33 Spitfire[edit]

The Mark 33 Spitfire is armed with two rapid-fire naval coilguns for offense. After its refit for Operation: RED FLAG, the UNSC Pillar of Autumn was equipped with eight of these turrets.[1]

Mark 40 Spitfire[edit]

The Mark 40 Spitfire is a refinement of the older Mark 33, featuring a higher muzzle velocity, improved tracking speed, and better accuracy than its predecessors. The gun mount is also several tons lighter thanks to it being armoured with a new formulation of Titanium-A armor while still maintaining the same level of protection. The Autumn-class heavy cruiser sports four of these coilgun batteries to complement its MAC.[2]

List of Appearances[edit]


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