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M46 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun
H2A M46.png
Production overview


Misriah Armory[1]

Model series:



Light anti-aircraft gun



109.8 inches (279 cm)[1]


39.4 inches (100 cm)[1]


76.7 inches (195 cm)[1]

Ammunition type:

12.7×99mm M255 HVE rounds[1]

Feed system:



Electrically-powered; Belt-fed

Rate of fire:


Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War
Post-Covenant War conflicts


The M46 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun, nicknamed the "Vulcan",[1][2] is a UNSC vehicle-mounted rotary machine gun. The successor to the M41 Vulcan, the M46 is used as the primary armament on the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle before the introduction of the M343A2 chaingun.[3]

Design details[edit]

The M46 LAAG maintains most of the M41 LAAG profile; it is a triple-barreled, electric-powered, linkless, belt-fed weapon. Two major improvements over the M41 are the replacement of the cooling system and a larger gas chamber.[4] The M46 had entered service by February, 2531.[5]



In the multiplayer, the LAAG can be a powerful weapon, as it has both anti-personnel and light anti-armor capabilities. Its fast rate of fire allows it to focus down targets with relative ease, and it is reasonably accurate if used correctly. As its name suggests it is absolutely deadly to Banshees and the fact that a Warthog with one usually spawns on any map with a Banshee makes them a constant threat.[6]


Some disadvantages to operating the LAAG turret are; the lack of protection to the operator, which makes sniping an effective way to counter them, as well as the weapon's tendency to overheat, which can temporarily render it useless. The lack of accuracy at long distances can also be a significant problem. As with the M41 LAAG from previous games (notably Halo: Reach, where the mechanic was first implemented), the weapon's tendency to overheat is an overt gameplay mechanic. Gatling weapons are designed to distribute heat evenly among their multiple barrels; indeed, this is the very reason they have multiple barrels, as the long period between when each fires ensures that none receive more than a small heat increase. The gun does not overheat in Halo 2: Anniversary however.[7]


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