XM4600 Zeus plasma munition howitzer

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XM4600 Zeus plasma munition howitzer

A Zeus cannon equipped on an M145D Rhino.
Production overview


Plasma mortar[1]


Ammunition type:

320mm fuel rod shells[2]

Effective range:

100 kilometers[3]

Service history

In service:



The XM4600 Zeus plasma munition howitzer is a human mortar weapon capable of focusing and directing plasma as a projectile like most Covenant weapons.[1][2]


Design details[edit]

On the M145D Rhino the Zeus cannon is mounted to a large turret, the weapon is capable of traversing upward at a roughly forty-five degree angle.[4] The Zeus 320mm plasma cannon has a range of 100 kilometers,[3] and as with all plasma-based weapons, the Zeus is potent against energy shielding.[4] The weapon operates via use of reverse-engineered fuel rods placed inside a modified artillery shell, fired from a custom-built howitzer.[2]

The Zeus has a bore of 320mm.[2][3]

Development history[edit]

During the Harvest campaign the Office of Naval Intelligence procured numerous specimens of Covenant fuel rods[2], and made quick work beginning to reverse engineer it. One project resulted in the M145D Rhino, a basis for the Zeus 320mm plasma cannon, a cannon which could make use and direct plasma energy.[1]


By February 2531, the Rhinos and their plasma cannons were being field-tested and the UNSC Pillar of Autumn carried some prototypes on board.[4]

During the Battle for Arcadia, the cannons of five Rhinos in conjunction were used to take down a portion of a giant energy shield, allowing the UNSC Spirit of Fire to take down the Covenant shield generators and air defenses below, exposing the Covenant operation on Arcadia.[4]


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