Covenant weaponry

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The design of the plasma rifle exemplifies the alien qualities Covenant weapons are known for, notably the hexagonal honeycomb pattern on the surface.

The Covenant and its splinter factions use a wide variety of weapons. Like most Covenant technology, their weapons are highly exotic in both operation and design, especially in comparison to the human arsenal. Covenant weapons exist effectively for every usage niche, ranging from close-quarters combat weapons such as the Sangheili's emblematic energy sword to space warfare armaments capable of striking across thousands of kilometers, such as plasma torpedoes and energy projectors. Many examples of the Covenant arsenal are directed-energy weapons, typically utilizing either plasma or particle beams, and run off a battery charge. However, some Covenant weapons also use physical projectiles, such as the Vostu-pattern carbine or the Pez'tk-pattern fuel rod gun; additionally, most weapons of native Jiralhanae design fire projectiles rather than energy.

List of Covenant weapons[edit]


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