Rain of Oblivion

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Rain of Oblivion
Production overview

Model series:





Ammunition type:

Reactive projectiles[1]

Feed system:

20 round magazine


Full auto

Rate of fire:

400 RPM[2]

Effective range:

Medium to long

  • 36.56 m (119.95 ft) (unscoped)[2]
  • 58.51 m (191.96 ft) (scoped)[2]
Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


"The Rain of Oblivion's grip has been held by a thousand heroes and a hundred villains. Upgraded Carbine with fully automatic action and extended magazine."
— In-game description[3]

The Rain of Oblivion is a special Type-57B Carbine.[4]


Design details[edit]

The Rain of Oblivion is a named variant of the T-57B carbine, upgraded with a fully automatic firing mode and faster rate of fire. It uses the T-57B's model but with a new yellow color scheme broken up by white and red stripes and Sangheili glyphs.[3]

Service history[edit]

In late 2558, Spartan-IVs trained with the Rain of Oblivion in the UNSC Infinity's War Games simulations.[4]


Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

The Rain of Oblivion is an Uncommon Level 3 Power Weapon REQ variant of the Carbine that grants 75 REQ Points when sold. It operates similarly to a normal Carbine but unlike many other precision weapons in the game, it can be fired in full auto and has a faster rate of fire, making it effective as a close-quarters precision weapon. As it has the same damage output as a Carbine, it scores a Perfect Kill on a full shield, full health Spartan with 7 rounds, which, coupled with the faster rate of fire, makes the Rain of Oblivion a faster-killing weapon than the Blood of Suban. A downside to its fully automatic operation is that it has a lower Smart-Link red reticle range than the other Carbines, making it less suitable for long-range engagements.[4]

Changes from the Type-57B Carbine[edit]

  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Faster rate of fire, with 1 round / 0.15 seconds.
  • Lower Smart-Link red reticle range at 58.51 meters.


  • When selecting a weapon for a weapon pad in Forge, the Rain of Oblivion is listed separately from the Carbine and Blood of Suban instead of being selectable as a Carbine variant.
  • The Rain of Oblivion is also listed after the Blood of Suban when selecting starting weapons while setting up a custom game.



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