Stalker Rifle Ultra

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Stalker Rifle Ultra
A crop of the Stalker Rifle Ultra.
Production overview


Merchants of Qikost[1]


Directed-energy sniper rifle[1]



134 centimeters (52.8 in)[1]

Ammunition type:

Superheated plasma[1]

Feed system:

64 bolts[2]

Rate of fire:



Approximately 1.5× smart-link[2]

Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts[2]

Covenant-sourced Stalker Rifle with increased rate of fire but reduced heat and damage output.[3][4]

The Stalker Rifle Ultra is a variant of the Elutuzem-pattern stalker rifle used by the Banished.[4][2]


Design details[edit]

Main article: Elutuzem-pattern stalker rifle

The Ultra variant of the Stalker Rifle bears the white nanolaminate plating consistent with the Evocati (or, eponymously, "Ultra") orders of the Covenant and Banished. Unlike the standard stalker rifle, it has a higher rate-of-fire and a lower buildup of heat within the weapon, though at the cost of lower damage dealt by the plasma bolt.[3][2]


One such weapon was used by Arch Khordat Barroth, a Kig-Yar sniper in the Banished during the campaign on Installation 07 in 2559-2560.[5] During the campaign, he used the weapon in a combat encounter with John-117, though was defeated by the Spartan.[6]

In-game information[edit]

In campaign, the Stalker Rifle Ultra is a legendary weapon awarded to the player after defeating the High Value Target, Barroth. The weapon can be acquired at any Forward Operating Base. It exhibits lower damage (killing a fully-shielded Spartan with 7 bolts instead of 5 bolts) and a higher-rate of fire than the standard weapon.[3][4] It also has a lower heat buildup, allowing the weapon to fire 12 or 13 bolts in quick succession (instead of 7 bolts) before overheating. Subsequently, the Ultra variant can fire an approximate total of 64 bolts (instead of 32 bolts) at maximum capacity. However, the Ultra variant’s scope only has one level of magnification at approximately 1.5×, instead of being adjustable between 3× and 6×.[2]


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